Quality Assurance Solutions
that scale with you

Deliver every product with confidence

Deliver applications your users want. We’ll partner with you from proof
of concept to delivery—whether it’s web, desktop, or a mobile application.

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Increased cost savings by improving early defect detection by 75%


Created new processes for an education platform more effectively reach 4M+ students

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Improved a mobile app’s ability to handle traffic spikes by 75%

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AI-based testing resulted in cost savings of ~25%

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Eliminated vulnerabilities in business-critical applications using open standards

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Reduced need for customizations by 50% and improved testing time by 30%

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Our best-in-class quality assurance services speak for themselves

33+ Billion

mobile apps

20+ Million

5-star ratings

$18 Billion

of mobile revenue

GlobalStep is a truly global team

Our offices and employees span multiple continents covering numerous computing and spoken languages.


With a proven track record spanning across 2 decades and over 1500 of the World’s Finest Engineers and Quality Assurance Professionals, GlobalStep is ready to partner with you in true collaboration to ensure sustained success of your company and its products.  

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