Upskill Your QA Team

Having to spend time and money trying to find, interview and train you QA staff is very time resource intensive. That’s where we can help. We can take all the burden and cost away by upskilling your QA team in-house. Whether you are developer or QA provider, we can help you build a test team of high quality testers from the ground up.

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Additional Information

Dependent on your requirements we may offer the training on our premises or off site at your office.

We can offer training packages from 1-9 weeks.

We offer custom packages dependent on your needs. Here is a high-level breakdown of what they can be taught, which is tailored to your needs:

  1. Introduction to the Course
  2. Bugs
    1. About Bugs
    2. Bug Finding
    3. Bug Writing
    4. Bug Types
    5. Bug Database
  3. Testing Types
    1. Exploratory & Destructive Testing
    2. Scripted Testing
    3. Compatibility Testing
    4. Fix Verification & Regression
    5. Network Testing
    6. Usability & Feedback
    7. Smoke Testing
    8. Tools

This is dependent on the package you require & full quotation can be given once we know the requirements you have.

Yes, the tutors are industry experts with a level 3 teaching qualification from Farnborough College of Technology.

10-30 people at a time can be taught by 1-4 tutors.

We have developed a unique online course which monitors their progress throughout the course.  It’s taught using hands on practical learning on live products to make their transition from learning to working as seamless as possible.

Yes, if taught off-site at your office.