We have experience, a whole lot of experience… decades of it. Experience in both development and outsourced service providing. QA is our passion and our business is quality. We inject passion and enthusiasm into our services and your product. Testing Gods aren’t born. They’re trained. This means that our new recruits undergo a training process that is exact, that is educational, that is apt in its quest to develop testing Gods of the future.



We come from development so know what unpredictable deadlines and milestones are all about. We aim to match the dynamic reality of development by being as flexible as you need us to be. We can schedule urgent requests in super fast time, we can push testing dates with 24 hours’ notice, we can even work into the evening if your product needs us! Basically, we’re here for you. We adapt so your product and budget don’t have to.



Talking, typing, meeting, skyping, we love them all. We’re an external solution, but there’s no reason why that means we can’t be part of your team. We give you all the information you need throughout the test phase. Bugs are entered into databases as they are found, test reports are sent at the end of each day to outline our daily coverage and concerns, senior management and personal test leads are on hand pre/during/post test execution, and we can tailor what information is delivered to your exact needs. We love communicating, and we love building relationships.

Step 1: Get In Touch

Get in touch, exchange NDAs, and get to know us. We can get to know you, your product, and your requirements.

Step 2: Review

We’ll review the information, documentation, and put together a proposal to match your needs.

Step 3: Agree

Once the proposal is agreed, we can make all the arrangements needed for the test phase.

Step 4: Dry Run

We will execute a “dry run” before scheduled QA to eliminate immediate “teething” issues.

Step 5: Testing

Testing begins! We find the bugs that would significantly reduce the quality of your product.

Step 6: Regression

After you fix the bugs, we verify the fixes in a regression sweep. The quality of your product is improved.